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Привет !!!  Сам  не могу  понять ,  это что-то  вроде  чата?

What are your interests?

Привет. мне 44 года

Давай переписываться. Не могу еще разобраться толком здесь

Hello, Iam Sergey.

Елена Привет  !!!  Я занимаюсь изучением английского . Есть желание начать переписку ?

Hi!!!! I want to speak English fluently too smile

Hi!!! Can you help me to improve my English???

Hello!!! Can you help me???

Hi !!! I'm very glad to have such a  good opportunity to speak with you!!!

привет , хочу познакомиться для общения.

Hi! My name is Audrey and I'd like to speak with you on different topics.

Hello this my first letter.I wanted to meet for socializing, but I'm not good with gramatikoi sweated

I'd like to perfect my English too. There is not many people who speak English well in our town, and no one among my acquaintances. I teach the younger children at private lessons but that's all. So I will be happy to contact with anybody who is eager to train his English as well.
With all respect,
Olga. hello

Hi) my name is Elmira, how are you?

You're often on this site?

I worked as a teacher of English but now I want something different.

Working with English. The work of a teacher of English.

what do you mean?

well, I want it to be connected with English, but I'm ready to start with receptionist, manager in an office, manager in a language center. and what are you?))

What kind of job you looking for?

Hello! Sorry for being absent for so long, I'm busy as I'm looking for a job and it seems not to be so easy.

Желаю заговорить на английском и понять грамматику.

вроде много играем, дети, они хитрые, чем больше с ними играешь на уроках, тем меньше они хотят заниматься с учебником и тетроадями, но ведь невозможно только играть!!!

а old не надо? ведь говорится про возраст.

very easy - I have a daughter, she is three.

Как тогда правильно написать?
у меня есть дочь ей 3 года.

Yes, you have. Look, you can say:

1. "When she was 3 years old..." - there is no mistake here, because this sentence implies continuation.

2. "I have a daughter. She was 3 years old." - was говорят про тех, кого больше нет с нами. В данном контексте, получается ты говоришь - "У меня дочка. Ей было три года."
Скорее всего, ты хотел сказать, что у тебя ЕСТЬ дочка и ей три года.

I have a grammatical error in the text?

sometimes we must take care about grammar. Im sure your dauther IS 3 years old. No. I have no kids

Yes, I have a daughter. She was three years old.
Do you have children?

After a day among adult men, who almost unurmed face to face to the project management and behaveв themselves as kids, the question is ripe - do you have kids?

Ух, как много, отвечу позже.

And I want to connect my future job with foreign languages

I think that the language is one of the main part of every culture)

I like learning foreign languages,especially English and German)

hI! It's great you know English so well and have a nice daughter. I m a teacher of English and have a little 3 year old daughter too :). As I understood you are a techer of english by education, right?

Я работаю в языковой гимназии, детки там изначально старательные и серьезные, есть конечно лодыри, но их меньшенство. Полагаю, что ситуация в общеобразовательных школах не такая радужная! Ирина, попробуйте на занятиях больше играть, особенно в начальной школе. На дом задавайте больше творческих заданий. Это очень вдохновляет детей на работу и учебу.

If you were a dessert which dessert would you be?

What if you could change any action you did before in your life what would it be?

As for photos I'd like you to show me theh best photos that you took yourself. You can place them on the file exchange server. I ask that cause I'm also keen on taking pictures.

I don't deal with IT at my work if not considering the Internet. I learn English cause I want to make myself at home in any corner of the world. As for other foreign languages first I would like to learn English to be able to speak it like a native and improve my Russian a bit smile

I go to walk home and think out my next "what if". 1-2 day after will play in smth else)

Quote (man)
You show your best photos.

didnt understand - you asked or you approved:))
I dont insist on but...where are the answers??
Quote (azarkevich)
Do you deal with IT (in jobs or smth else...)? Why you want\need to train english? Would you like to learn any other languages?

I prefer dresses to skirts, and its hard work fo me to find a pants or jeans which fit as well as I wish. But of course those much more usable sometimes;)

I do not watch movies about zombies. Dot's here.

If people could choose a gender then 1st the world would be congested by smug men, but only till the moment when the smartest one (at the most ) would decide to become male, but to settle a girlfrend near himself )) Then they together will show the real show for this world!
Next. If i correctly understood House=Chaos in you reply)) whatever you mean, it would be hot if Dr.House would come and "throw a party" for all of us. I adore his hero of the same name movies:)
But Chaos brings violence, it so easy to act all that viles in chaos

Quote (man)
pants or skirts
Штаны или юбки

went on facebook one time. I did not notice much difference if the compare with others. Do you like pants or skirts? You show your best photos.

If people learn to fly and come house, I do not agree. will be very good.
If people lose their ability to make decisions that ... House comes just after 2-3 days. People will not be able to circumvent the barriers go (You watched movies about zombies? Here it is) , men will not offer women the wedding, and even swimming in the sea you can not swim out of it. Who will be interested in the president?
What if people had a choice who is born male or female ...

facebook, facebook, facebook) incomparable place created by people, for people, about people. its forever.
I adore shirts and hundreds! tones! of different shoes. kidding of course, but Im really sure that when i have enogh combinations of shirts and shoes - nothing else matter)
I spend much time in standing-walking, thats why:)

if people could fly new age would come. 1st people would'n know, as usually(( what to do with this new ability..many of us would begin to earn on it, many hurt themselves, many will die. The total chaos will come for 5-10 years.
I would fly to NewZeland and settle down in any aborigine's tribe.
i'd compare it with invention of teleport - the day Im waiting for much-muh more than smth else.
mm.. What if the ability to make decisions woud disappear from our lives.?

What social net is most interesting for you? What style of clothes do you prefer? What is the greatest change you have created?
The best trip I've ever had that's when during my travelling in the Ucraine I got into a car crash with Belas, so I had to live there for three months while my car was being repaired, I had no money, no place to live but some good people helped me and now we are friends!
As for the worst trip: I never have bad trips!

Ok? good idea! Let's try! If there were no fish in the Ufa It would become the most famous river in the world (as all rivers have fish), as famous as the Dead sea! My question is: What if people could fly?

So, the rule is one (like in brainstorming:)) - no rules. Any topics, any words, rigth in point go any kind of provocations and instigations, so your sensible imagination has no limit.
What else - "what if..." may not have any attitude to You or to Me, it can be about any situation, place, happenning, other people... All we must do - to begin a phrase from "What if..."? then answer and so on.
My example is - What if there were no more fish in Ufa river?

now lets talk about you. Do you deal with IT (in jobs or smth else...)? Why you want\need to train english? Would you like to learn any other languages? And tell me please about the best trip in your life, and the worst trip too.

And I have an idea. To make our conversation more alive, I offer to play. You know, in project management there is an instrument called "what if test" when you add or except any tasks from the plan and look what changes become. The play is like that, but not so strict. It heps to meet closer (often with yourself:)), to train thinking by english and have fun.

oh! What i adore when it comes from anywhere or to create those by myself - changes. I'd even call it my hobby - to be plunged in changes.

3 things I cant live without: air, water and chocolate. Hobbies...I'd not say i have any, but some things i do more often than others or take more pleasure doing those, than others. What's special - those changes roughly once a half a year:)
Now thôse are: Master new skills. Listen english or french audios. Natural coffee with cinnamon. Photo-going out + afoot walking in summer warm nigths. Making love. Reading in fresh air or travelling. Spending time (even working hard:) with advanced Customer, hangout in socialnetworks. Shopping.

I'm doing my job because I like it and I can do it well. Three things I can't live without: 1. Travelling 2. My hobbies (but they can change from time to time) 3. Driving a car. And what are your three things you can't live without? Have you got hobbies? What are they? (Job is not a hobby.)

what i what to know about you are - why did you choose that you do? and list, please, 3 points you cant live without, m?

mm..Working by education... it seems to that, but no. I would never work in contemporary education system. Our company names Project Managers Factory, its project management consulting and expert support only. Im a project manger and a trainer by MS Project 2010 (special PM software) I teach 12-hour training to use this perfect system. We have no standart weekend because Customer and project teams want to train or meet that moment when Time allowed an when they want. No alternatives.
No traditional holyday...it so happened))
I never taught english for years оr months or smth about it, I was never a prof.english tutor, but i have one habit since university - thinking in english. and as any habit it has a trand to expire))

I like fishing at The Ufa river, there are a lot of beatiful places and nature and very few people. Are you a teacher by your education? Did you teach English before? You said you don't have long holidays like many people, what's your job? If you have a long holiday where would you like to travel? I'm waiting for your questions too:)

My skype-name: you can't give your contact information! (Administration)

advice 2-3 places you talking about, i have my wishlist and want to compare, to change something may be

Europe? no...never had a trip to Europe. I never had a holyday as people _used to_ have it, i mean going somewhere for a long time to rest and nothing any more

Ok 2 questions smile there are many places where there are few people and debris, leaving more than 100 kilometers and there are no people and debris. I was driving today, Park House, I remember you smile You have traveled to Europe to rest? Where to?

fuff!.. Im home now and sorry for a late answer. As I see you like Q&A )) so let it be)) Argazy (not sure if i write its name correctly) is really located in Chel.region..ummm and so what? As i know this is unique place, where we still have a chance NOT to sink in crazy crowd and trash.
Talkov stone is near Ekb, so wellKnown and easily accessible - just for me to start my summer travels)
Im not a prof.photographer. I just adore to keep exceptional moment, things, people. my camera is Olimpus which is not produce any more))
Последние 2 вопроса не поняла))) есть вероятность что это про то Что именно я люблю фоткать и Откуда знаю английский. My 1st education is Teacing IT and English. but it was 7 years ago, all this time i had no any talking experiense or other training. now im going to get back my effortless english

Arzagay in the Chelyabinsk region? Where Talkov stone? What do you have a job? You're a professional photographer? What is your brand of Cameras? What do you like taking pictures? How do you know a good English?

my home in this city is near the ParkHouse. Thanks for your answers.

Well)) English in woods sounds tempting) I terribly often spend saturday or sunday working..at myself or other people's "know-hows". But summer in Ural is so short...So what I really like nowerdays is an opprtunity to rest in fresh air and looking out for intreresting places in Sverdlovskaya region. And weather here is not so matter, but woods are)) - it should be pinewood. My only wish this summer is to get enough sleep in pinewood.
MaxPlan for this summer is awakeing in woods every free weekend)) next weekend I plan to awake somewhere close the shore of Argazy lake. This saturday is busy till 16pm, on sunday I plan a lunch with a view on Тальков камень

Do you like traveling?

Good evening. My name is Egor. I do not know much English. I like to write. As I write I have time to think. Where do you live in the city? Do you like the weather? I go into the woods on the weekend. What do you do on weekends?

Hi ! Its a great luck to meet somebody from my city:) im really glad! So whats your name and what is the way to train english you prefer? writing, talking by skype...

Hello Anastasiya ! I am from Ekaterinburg to. smile

Уважаемые коллеги! Нужна ваша профессиональная помощь! Интересует самый главны вопрос: как мотивировать школьников (нач и средняя школа) заниматься англ яз, как в классе так и дома! Кто что придумывает????

Where do you teach English?

This is Moscow on a photo?