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Tell me – and I’ll forget, show me – and I’ll remember, let me do – and it will be mine forever !
Скажи мне – и я забуду, покажи мне – и я запомню, позволь мне сделать – и это станет моим навсегда !

Клуб общения на английском

Поиск англо-говорящих друзей. Pen-friend from Russia

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England Rotherham Yuri Gabrilovich
03.03.2012, 15:47
Добавил (Added by): YuriGab
Клуб, сфера общения: Образование - Education, Музыка - Music, Путешествия - Travelling
Возраст, Знак зодиака - Age, Zodiac sign: Virgo
Пол, Возрастная группа - Sex, Age group: М - Взрослый, Male - Adult
Семья, Дети - Family, Children:: None
Ваше Xобби - Your hobbies:: Reading Art Russian language Travel Running
Ваша работа (учеба) - Occupation (studies): Office
Образование - Qualifications: College level
Темы для общения - Тopics for discussion: Language History Sport Russia and russian language
Язык общения - Communication language: English
Уровень языка общения - Level of communication language : UPPER-INTERMEDIATE-4 уровень
Время общения -(London=00:00)- Тime of communication: To be arranged
Девиз по жизни - Your life motto: Live in love, joy and music
Цель общения - Aim of communication: Basically can help with help in return practice with russian
Can only be by email Can correct any work sent to me at any level, vice versa with any one with my russian practice

Дополнительно - About yourself: Still single Wish to marry a genuine russian lady My father was russian, mother ukranian Have a long standing interest in Russia and the russian people
Have learnt russian myself up to me current level Have been to Russia many years ago when it was the Soviet Union and also recently
Other than english my other interest is art, especially landscapesetc Of course read , mainly historical novels but also non fiction, recent history
Have several ambitions left which hope will fulfill eventually

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9 Егор   (08.03.2012 19:06)
Привет Юрий. Мне нравиться музыка группы Green dey. Сейчас сидим смотрим русский фильм 80-х годов "Служебный роман". Вы смотрели этот фильм? Какие русские фильмы Вы смотрели?

8 Ирина   (07.03.2012 15:32)
Я живу в Екатеринбурге - на Урале. Ты слышал что-нибудь о нашем городе?
Юрий, у меня вопрос по поводу английского языка: в чем разница между комнатами a double room & a twin room?

7 YuriGab   (06.03.2012 15:48)
Hello Irina
Thanks for your email yesterday Of course will help with your english No problem at all In return I can write in russian We can correct each others work
That way we both can benefit I live near a town called Rotherham, South Yorkshire but mu home town was Dinnington Due to circumstances needed to move Where in Russia do you live?
Thats all for now

6 NIK82   (06.03.2012 13:34)
Good morning Yuri. I am glad to meet you.
of cource i agree with you.
I'll be wait your letters.

5 Ирина   (05.03.2012 23:46)
Здравствуй, Юрий! Меня зовут Ирина. Я преподаватель английского языка. Меня Очень заинтересовала Ваша анкета. Я с удовольствием буду переписываться с Вами на двух языках. Где имеено в Англии Вы живете?
Жду ответа на английском:)
Заранее спасибо!

4 YuriGab   (05.03.2012 20:28)
Hello Yevgeni
Thanks for your letter Of course will help you with your english It can only be by email unfortunately
You write anything you want in english If there are any mistakes , then will tell you
I will write in russian Is that agreed ?
Write when you can

3 YuriGab   (05.03.2012 20:24)
Hello Egor
I like several artists My favourite and always will be is John Martyn who unfortunately died in January 2009 He wrote such emotive and soulful music
I also like Paul Carrack who , incidentally was born locally in Sheffield I also like a famous guitarist called Robin Trower These two artists have both seen perform in Sheffield
Egor who do you like from western artists? Maybe I know them
Next time will answer in russian , ok?

2 NIK82   (05.03.2012 19:35)
Hello my name is Evgeniy. I am 28 years old,
I live in Russia.I learn inglish language and want to learnt it better. It's my great dream!
I would be very grateful if you helped to me with it.
Thank you for your time.

1 Егор   (05.03.2012 16:35)
Yuri, hello ! What kind of music like?

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